Our Mission

For the past 60 years proceeds from the Annual Christmas Homes Tour have been used on projects in the surrounding community. The Club’s mission is to provide education and beautification for the pleasure and enjoyment of residents and visitors alike.

Some Pictures of Arrangements From the 62nd Christmas Tour

Last year the tour showcased four homes on Saturday December 2.

Green Spring Garden Club was organized in April 1956 by ten women in the Williamsburg, Virginia area. In 1997 this non-profit organization became incorporated as Green Spring Garden Club, Inc. The objectives of the garden club are:

  • Advancement of gardening
  • Support of horticultural education
  • Development of home grounds
  • Encouragement of participation in community beautification
  • Protection of forests, wild flowers and birds
  • Study of horticulture and flower arrangement
  • Support of the study of environmental sciences by way of scholarship grants

Join Us!

at the 63rd Annual Christmas Homes Tour